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My Creative Writing degree in review / Should you study Creative Writing at University?

There was a lot of debate and inner turmoil in the lead up to my university applications. I did it twice. First during my last year of A Levels and second during my gap year. I simply couldn't decide which direction I wanted to go towards. I knew I had an myriad of passions - art, classics, anthropology - but the one that has insisted is creative writing. Whilst it’s normal for fine art and music to be a degree, creative writing seems to still be lagging behind. It may – much like English literature – be considered a throw-away degree with no clear career prospects following its completion. I was fortunate to have parents that encouraged me to pursue a career I was genuinely interested in. So, upon completing my degree and with some years of wisdom behind me, I’m here to balance whether it was worth it. The question is, can you really be taught how to write? My personal and short answer is no. Creative Writing at university doesn't and cannot really teach you crea

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